Holiday Season Update

Updated Nov 11. 2021

Hi all,

We would like to send you many thanks for love and support TAKA Original. As we head into the holiday season. It's better to keep y‘all updated as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic :)

Last year, many of you took 2 - 3 months to received package during the holiday season due to the pandemic. We got emails complain the package was suppose to be a Christmas gift to someone. The reason why it happen is because there are supply-chain shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic — which may mean the parts to produce that “perfect gift” aren’t available — and potential delays with the slower mail service and overwhelmed other delivery services. 

This year, safety and well-being of our customers and team members still is our number 1 priority. Our estimate order received time would be 10 - 15 days. As the holiday get closer the time may take longer. 

Please contact us any time if you have question or need help to follow up your order. We have onsite customer service or you can always email us at We will do our best to assist your order like always.

We appreciate your extended patience during this time as we endeavour to dispatch your orders and get back to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, we want to send our best wishes to you and your families. Stay Safed!