• Kirky Love is hopeless than life necklace

Kirky Love is hopeless than life necklace

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About this necklace

The 'love is hopeless than life' necklace from the 'Callisto' collection, inspired by a cosmic bear's perspective on human emotions. We've transformed its observations and journey on Earth into a wearable work of art that's all about real feelings. 

It features two snakebone chains playfully intertwined and entangled with various sizes of silver metallic beads and heart-shaped elements, representing the intricate web of human emotions. It's like wearing a symbol of our complicated feelings right around your neck. Here's the coolest part: Each bead comes alive when you wear it. They respond to your every move, bringing that energy and passion to life, journey on display.


  • Handmade with love
  • Alloy/ Titanium Steel
  • size: 21.6inches-23.6inches/ 55cm-60cm - ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - fasten the clasp onto different positions of the circular chain for a customized fit:)))
  • Weight: 90 grams.
  • 3 Looks For 1 Price- Wrap around twice- Necklace can be worn as Bracelet and pants chain.


To ensure the longevity of your jewelry, it is important to avoid impacts, scratches, and contact with liquids (water, perfume, and beauty products). Remember to gently wipe it dry using a soft cloth. Highly recommend removing your jewelry when you sleep or when you shower or bathe.