• TAKA ORIGINAL LIMITED - TAKA GALLERY Painting-"House of Nature"-P.T

TAKA GALLERY Painting-"House of Nature"-P.T

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  • Medium: Acrylic and spray on canvas
  • Original
  • Come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Dimensions:  66.9 x 35.4 in / 170x90cm
  • International shipments will be sent out within 3-4 weeks,Framing is not available for international shipments(High shipping costs)



P.T. is an artist from Thailand, currently residing in Bangkok. Since childhood, P.T. has had a passion for painting on various surfaces, whether it be furniture, fences, or even household shrines.

His artwork centers on themes of city living, whimsy, and everyday existence, showcasing a unique understanding and inspiration drawn from urban environments. In his creative process, he enjoys utilizing mediums such as acrylics, chalk, as well as techniques like graffiti, collage, and silk-screen printing to seamlessly integrate elements of daily life and architecture into his paintings.

With vibrant colors and uninhibited lines, P.T. presents viewers with a world full of joy, capturing the essence of childhood delight and happiness while also evoking a sense of wonder. His depicted scenes not only serve as visual representations but also convey his own unique emotions, experiences, and love for life.

Through his artwork, P.T. inspires viewers to contemplate life from a unique perspective, encouraging them to discover a deeper sense of joy and wonder within themselves.

"Create art that is unique and different from itself in order to create something new to satisfy the art itself.Create excitement and newness for the audience. As a creator while creating things the mind gets happiness and enjoyment,because of having fun discovering new things" - P.T.


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