About us

Taka Original founded in August 2019 by KK & Niki. 2 girls who just graduated from college with so much passion in art.

TAKA was built in a tiny studio in NYC with the intention of creating an brand not just bring cool and stylish but bring positive thoughts to young adults.

We strive to make the world a more fun& meaningful place every day. If this sounds like something you’re into, join us to share a mind-set to express the positive vibes and to bring out people’s positive potential.

Our mission : Create The Fun.

The idea was to connecting & desiging to feel the power of being a fun creator.

It can come to feel like the clothing are not merely ideas, but that it will have some supernatural power to face up and down in one’s life At our core we aim to provide meaningful, engaging environments that provide meaningful brand activism for people to aware power of their own.

Particularly when being fun creator can bring so much possibility to your own or other’s life. Because any meaning in our lives, or world will be created through our own free will. Therefore we create and curate storyline each season to feel the vibe. We invite you to be part in our mission of create the fun together.

Let‘s spread good vibes and create the world a happier better place!

With Love,