TAKA Original [ Youth Love Project 1 ]

by Niki Paisano

This Thanksgiving. We wanted to take a moment to pause and say thank you - to you, and to all the people who support us :))) We wanted to let you know we made something big!


TAKA Original [ Youth Love Project 1 ] 2022.10.21 


$30,000 USD

With your help. We donated over $30,000 USD worth of jackets and sweaters to minority kids in the world that cannot afford winter clothes.

The need for these donations, especially in the winter time, was clear, as winter temperatures in the area reach well below 10° C (50° F). 

We think our customers are the best people in the world.

Thanks for being a part of our mission to create the fun and love. And being part of this important movement with us.

TAKA Original was established with a mission to create the fun through innovation and designs.

Through Youth Love Project we wanted to provide support through positive thoughts, love, and cares. To give younger generation a more positive outlook on life as they grow up on their journey.

We couldn't do it without you and this is just the beginning to build a better world :)

We're honored to have a place in your closet.
Thank you for ur love and support for #takaoriginal. Happy Thanksgiving!