Shanghai Covid Notice

Letters to all TAKA Supporter


Hi all,


We apology that we failed our promised to ship out your order in 24 - 72 hrs. If you shop here before. You may know most of our products are shipping out from warehouse in Shanghai China. If you wondering why your package hasn’t been ship it’s because the delayed due to extended COVID restriction. 


Reference News:


Order effect:

Beginning March 31 or arranged to departure on March 31 - April 1.


Shipping out date:

Estimate shipping out time would be another 12 days.


The severe restrictions in the eastern half of the Shanghai city, including Pudong, were due to be lifted on Friday, but nearly all areas remain under lockdown and local authorities have given no timeframe for its end, other than saying it would be done “in stages”. 


Trucks are being delayed by the testing of drivers. Shipping rates are rising as flights cancel. Products are piling up in our warehouses. We really appreciated your time be with us through this tough time.


Our team are keeping up with local authority daily for further information. If you need any help or assistance on your order. Please contact us at